Roy Kellett

Roy Kellett



CrossFit Level 1 certification

CrossFit Level 2 certification

200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher

About Coach

Coach Roy Kellett is a CF-L2 and CF-L1 certified instructor at Performance Initiatives. Coach Roy has been doing CrossFit since August of 2016. Roy has coached well over 300 hours of CrossFit classes and was also a 200-hour certified yoga teacher who taught over 500 hours of Baptiste Yoga classes, so he is no stranger to group fitness. Roy believes in the proper form above all and believes in making sure you are moving safely and efficiently before you add intensity or weight. Roy knows mobility well and can help get you better stretched out to put you in better positions day to day.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

Coach Roy believes in three things: Be a community – Say hello to new people, tell them where to put their things, and make them feel welcome. If you see someone new, it’s your job to introduce yourself. Be consistent – You don’t get fit by sitting at home. Show up. Put in the work and you’ll see results. Three days a week or five…. Show up. Be coachable – If we ask you to do something, it’s because we are trying to help you move more efficiently. More efficient=less stress… Less stress=faster and or stronger.

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