Justin Frigo

Justin Frigo

CrossFit L1 Trainer

SQUAT: 330 lbs.

CLEAN & JERK: 230 lbs.

DEADLIFT: 415 lbs.

FRAN: 3:47

GRACE: 2:14

JACKIE: 6:52


CrossFit L1 Certification.

B.S. Psychology, University of Georgia.

About Coach

I have been into athletics all my life. I love sports. I was a 4-year letterman in High School Wrestling and played organized Baseball. My brother got me into CrossFit when I just turned 30 years old. I was traveling a lot for work which had gotten me out of shape, overweight, and destroyed my motivation for physical activity. Thought to myself, "how bad could this be?"... I was hooked. 7 Years later, CrossFit for me is no longer about the fastest time or the heaviest lift. CrossFit is about challenging myself on things I would not do in my everyday life; Picking up heavy things, across long distances, quickly.

Turning Point

A life unchallenged by hardship is a missed opportunity…therefore seek to do something hard. Focus on the now, the present (the next 10 minutes or even the next 30 seconds). Sometimes looking at things in their entirety is overwhelming. Hardship doesn’t have to be extreme, but it must be habitual so that you are in the habit of building up your confidence one challenge at a time. -Dan Crenshaw, Fortitude (2020)

Motivation & Passion

Each workout must be approached to reach the intended stimulus. As a coach, my job is to push the athlete beyond their perceived limits of what they think is possible. We have to set a realistic goal within a reasonable timeframe. When we reach that goal, we recalibrate for the next progression. CrossFit for me is about the journey, not the destination. You will reach your destination, but you need to set out for another.....

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